download Matlab 2012
Pic: download Matlab 2012
Download Matlab: R2012a portable for free. Matlab is the most popular simulation and design software used by engineers and engineering students.

Matlab 2012 is a programming, simulation and design software that can be used for variety of problems. Few examples are such as- to verify mathematical equation such as differential equations, see the output such as signal energy content, to model a any system such as communication system or control system with simulink. See the matlab simulink video tutorials on this blog.

Download Matlab 2012a to practice electronics design. For electronics engineers it provides many features such as creating a simulink model of communication system such as RF communication system, analog and digital design, designing transmitter and receiver, checking the power spectrum and waveforms, perform BER analysis, comparison of different modulation techniques. It also supports import and export of designed system to other electronics design software such as Xlinx FPGA via HDL codes generation. It also supports transistor level electronics circuit creation and simulation such as bipolar transistors and FET transisitors biasing, AC and DC analysis.

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