Proteus Professional is a circuit board design and printed circuit board design software prototyping and simulation of electronic system. It has schematic editor, PCB editor, autorouter, DRC checkers, libraries of footprints, symbols, import, export, generates Gerber PCB file and other features. Another great feature is that microcontrollers and microprocessors chips can be simulated along with the external circuit to verify whether the designed electronics is working properly or not.

Proteus professional is among the popular circuit board design software, others being orcad, altium designers, eagles and others. It is easy to use and understand with easy electronics component search, drag and drop features. Creating components is also easy wherein the component are created using the datasheets from component manufacturers such as Analog Inc or Philips or any others. This circuit board design software is helpful and automates the circuit board design process from start to finish

This circuit board design software is used by students, educators, hobbyists, tinkerers and practicing engineers. Any electronics system can be prototyped before manufacturing such as RF communication system, Microwave Communication system, GSM and CDMA handset components such as RF modulators, RF mixers, Power amplifiers, A/D converters, interfacing the front end with the microcontrollers and microprocessors, checking DSP operations. It is not only limited to communication system design but one can also use it for other electronics projects such as the Robotics, control system and other engineering application. Once the circuit board design and PCB board design is complete, the software generates Gerber PCB file which is the standard accepted format by the PCB manufacturers.
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