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A tutorial book on Schematic and PCB Design

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Inside OrCAD Capture for windows by Chris Schroeder is a tutorial book on schematic design and PCB design using Orcad Capture. Orcad Capture is a popular schematic and PCB design software to create electronics designs. This book explains with examples the design process from creating the schematic diagram, simulation to creating PCB circuit board and producing PCB fabrication outputs. This is useful for learning orcad circuit diagram maker and PCB circuit board maker.

Download Inside Orcad Capture for Windows by Chris Schroeder from the link below-

http://ultimate-upload.dynu.net/view/file/cdtweijgawgvx8fdxdza/Inside orcad capture for windows.pdf

The book starts with tutorials on creating electronics symbols, libraries, schematic diagram planning and organization, hierarchical schematics. The second chapter teaches how to install and configure the schematic and pcb design software. The third chapter explains the schematic editor and the tools for creating the schematic diagrams. Here the toolbar, the sheets, power and ground, wiring, copying, deleting, placing, search for components, reference designators and part values, printing etc are covered. The fourth chapter is one hierarchical design. The fifth chapter is on postprocessing tutorial. Here netlist generation is required for the transfer of schematic design to PCB editor. The sixth chapter is on Part editor. The seventh chapter is on advanced features. Here hierarchical structure and flat structure are explained. The eight chapter is on PCB design where PCB netlists and back annotation tutorial is provided. the ninth chapter is on SPICE netlists. Chapter ten is about bill of materials, chapter eleven is on translating desings from orcad SDT and chapter twelve is one image and data transfer.

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