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Digital Design by M.Morris Mano Download PDF Ebook Free

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Download Digital Design by Morris Mano and Michael D. Ciletti, 4rd Edition PDF free. This book is a detailed and comprehensive book on digital design widely used engineering textbook. This book presents the theory of digital design and is suitable for undergraduates and graduate level. The book contains introductory digital logic theory explanations to circuit design of digital gates.

download digital design by morris mano

The book starts with introduction to Digital Computer and Digital System, the number system in binary, conversion between different types of number system. The Boolean algebra and logic gates, different forms of boolean equations, derivations, and integrated circuit are explained in the second chapter. How to simply the boolean functions is explained in the third chapter by mapping methods, tabulation methods and prime implications. Then the following chapters addresses the combinational and sequential logic. The design procedure are explained with examples are provided. In sequential logic circuit explanation, both the asynchronous and synchronous sequential state machines are explained. The Digital Integrated Circuit is explained in the tenth chapter. Here introduction to Digital IC and what digital integrated circuit is and how they are produced is explained. Examples of RTL, DTL circuits, ECL and MOS, CMOS gate implementation of integrated circuit are provided. The eleventh chapter is Laboratory Experiments where digital examples are provided and the aim of which is to use the knowledge developed in the foregoing chapters to implement digital design. The last chapter provides standard graphic symbols for different logic gates, registers, flip-flips and RAM.

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