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How to install CCS C compiler plugin MPLAB IDE?

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Many times you may want or require to work with CCS C compiler with MPLAB IDE. If you want to use the CCS C compiler with MPLAB and have not installed the required plugin then you cannot compile the source code.

For example by using the Project Wizard of MPLAB IDE v8.92, after selecting the MCU you have to specify the language toolsuite. In that step you select the CCS C Compiler option in the Active Toolsuite selection. Here the Toolsuite content shows CCS C Compiler application(.exe) with red cross as shown below-

This means that either the compiler is not installed or the plugin was not installed.

Mostly the CCS C compiler have plugin tool and it will be automatically installed and you don't have to download the plugin separately as described in this post.

However if your CCS C compiler application is installed and you still don't see the CCS C compiler as in the figure above then you require to install the plugin.

To install the CCS C compiler, you install the CCS C plugin from the CCS C company website

Download the plugin and save it somewhere in your PC. 

The installation is quite simple with just few clicks. Run the application and the application will install the compiler automatically in the correct directory required by MPLAB.

The next time you start the Project Wizard you will then see the CCS C compiler listed in the Active Toolsuite window.

Now, you can continue to work with your desired CCS C compiler in MPLAB.

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