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Matlab 2014 Software Download Free

By Applied Electronics - Monday, June 2, 2014 1 Comment
Download Matlab R2014a v8.0.3 (x64/x86) Free from the links provided below. Matlab is a software that can be used for researching and solving wide range of engineering fields such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Structural Engineering, neural network, mechanics, statistics, hydraulics, aerospace. This engineering software facilitates solving problems through design modelling, testing, developing algorithm, coding and application. Below is shown some examples of it's capabilities and features.

First, Matlab 2014a has a beautiful and easy to navigate interface. Below is a screenshot-

As one can see in the above picture the new Matlab has Plots and Apps tabs that allows users to quickly get various graphs for the selected variables, and the Apps tabs allows users to run various application on the data that is being studied. New application can be downloaded from Matlab website or new ones can be created.

The application window is shown below-

On the toolbar, there are options such as Get more apps, install apps, package apps and various Matlab applications.

As said, Matlab 2014a is truly a integrated engineering software. It has huge library of models for modelling different kinds of engineering problems. Shown below is a screenshot of simulink library that shows what matlab can help-

Now, let's have a look some of the engineering problems that can be solved as a demonstration of Matlab as integrated engineering software. For example we need system level model of a RF transmitter then we can quickly model such RF system in matlab as shown below-

 Then we may require to test this model in various communication system settings. Below is an illustration of this-

This step illustrates how it can be used in the communication system design but it is not limited to be used only in the communication system design but also in other field of application.

Next, at the implementation level we can use xilinx blocksets available in the library to reproduce the modeled system and generate HDL codes and program them into FPGA.

These simple steps thus illustrates how matlab can be used in various stages of engineering design process as an integrated engineering software for professional engineers.

Download links for Matlab 2014a:

HOW TO INSTALL MATLAB 2014a: Go to Serial folder -> Readme

Note: Matlab 2015 is the latest version. See the download matlab 2015 blog post for download links. For matlab tutorials see Matlab tutorial webpage.


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