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How to use 3D-Tool Software

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In the last post about the 3D-Tool engineering 3D model viewer software, one function of the software namely- exploded view was described. But there are more features than this. Sometimes 3D models are not available in the format you want. For example if the 3D model is available in .igs from the manufacturer and you require it in .stp file format, such as you are working with 3D models in altium designer, you need to convert the model file from .igs to .stp.

This post explains how easy it is to convert the .igs model to .stp model using the 3D-Tool software

To convert .igs (or any file format to another) to .stp format, click on the 3D Native CAD converter icon as shown below. This will bring up the converter dialog box also shown in the figure.

converting .igs to .stp 3D model
converting .igs to .stp 3D model

Then click on the folder icon and browse to the location of your .igs file. The Output file field shows where the converted file will be located after the conversion and the Format dropdown menu options lets you choose what final format you want.

converting .igs to .stp 3D model
converting .igs to .stp 3D model

To convert click on the Convert Complete. The conversion process is shown and after the process is complete click close.

Now you can open the .stp file from the saved folder. It new .stp 3D model looks like this-

the converted .stp 3D model
the converted .stp 3D model
This post explained how to convert .igs to .stp 3D model format. See the other 3D Tool software tutorial.

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