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Best books for learning Verilog HDL programming

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Digital hardware design is now easy due to development of hardware description language such as Verilog, VHDL, systemC etc. SystemC is not so much popular but may be become one in the future. Meanwhile, Verilog and VHDL are the choice of hardware description language for design of digital hardware on FPGA chip. There is minor difference between Verilog and VHDL and both can be equally used in design of digital system hardware.

Some of the frequently asked questions by people are like- which one is better, which is easier to learn. In terms of which one is better, maybe VHDL is better since the language is more organized but with Verilog you can do anything that you can do with VHDL. Both language are equally hard or easy to learn. This is like learning English langauge, Spanish language or like  learning C programming.

For those who want to use Verilog language we have listed some(4) books that might be helpful in getting started with verilog language quickly

1. Verilog® Quickstart, 3E

This book is written by James M.Lee. It is a good starting point book to learn Verilog language because as it's name tells this book was written for people to get quickly started with Verilog language. The topics are concisely written with easy to follow reading style.

2. The Verilog® Hardware Description Language, 5th edition

This book is another good book on Verilog for beginners. Mainly it provides a quick tutorial with exercises for practice which provides you to get feel of how to write program in verilog language. It is thus useful book to speed up quickly to learn verilog with it's many examples.

3.  Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design

This is perhaps a book for those who wants a more detailed book on Verilog. This book presents digital design topics with verilog language. The book shows with examples how to write verilog program and simulate it on Quartus CAD software. However if you don't have Quartus CAD software you can download the student version of it for free. Also if you can also use the code inside the book and simulate on any other Verilog software like Xilinx or Active HDL.

4. Real World FPGA Design with Verilog

This book contains other aspects of using HDL and FPGA which you would eventually need. It contains topics such as FPGA such as IP cores, CPLD, FPGA devices, ASIC design concepts etc. Also this book would be useful because the author tells his experience while he was first learning Verilog language for digital design.

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