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How important is Python Programming Language?

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Python Programming Language is getting popular day by days. Why it is so? Well, for one thing we hear a lot Python is that it is easy programming language to learn and use. But there are many also other reasons. While we will provide reasons why you should learn Python in the next blog post, here we want to report why we think Python Programming Language is important.

If you search for top programming language in 2015 in google you will find that many sources indicates that python programming language is the 5th most important programming language. We will show you this shortly below.

But before that we have to understand the reasons for this variance of positions. The position depends large upon where the programming language is used and the user base for that application domain. Consider for example, the application domain in scientific or engineering problems vs the web application domain. For sure, web application has higher user base versus the scientific domain. Then, obviously web programming language will be more popular because the web application user base will be higher than the users base in scientific domain. But this does not mean that web applications are more important than science or engineering applications.

Having understood the circumstances underlying the position for top programming language, we now give you report of standing of python programming language.

First, lets look at TIOBE index. TIOBE, a software quality measuring company, reports top 10 list of programming language which is shown below. It shows that python is in the 5th place.

 IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) ranks Python programming language as the 4th most popular programming language., a job search website list that Python programming language is at 5th position for demand of Python Programming Language.

And finally, GitHub, the popular code repository website reports that Python is 4th most popular programming language in their website according to upload and downloads activity.

Thus, these four good sources shows how important the Python Programming Language as of now(2016). We can say that Python Programming Language has a solid and concrete place in the programming world. In the next blog post we will give you some of the most important reason for why Python Programming Language is important to learn.

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