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Why Anaconda Spyder IDE is the best Python IDE for beginners

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If you are beginning to learn Python then you might be asking which IDE you should download or try out because there are so many of them. Pycharm, python IDLE, Pyscripter, microsoft visual basic python extension are examples of so many python IDE. But for beginners with decent capabilities anaconda spyder is one of best. One of the reason is that many python IDE have so many builtin functionalities that you won't need if you are a beginner. Whence while they make confuse you, they also just take up time and computation memory slowering the system. Python beginners should have a simple and tutorial type IDE to get them comfortable with the system and language. In these regards, Anaconda spyder is the best option.

Before going to show you what anaconda spyder looks like and how to do some important things, we would like to tell you beforehand some of the good features of anaconda spyder.
  • Excellent and easy to understand IDE
  • Easy to create project, easy to create python file, easy to navigate around
  • Easy to get online help
  • Supports python console, supports ipython console
  • Easy to configure the IDE
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with prebuilt Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib and many others modules
  • and many mores....
Unlike many IDE, anaconda spyder IDE is really easy to understand. Below you can see the basic layout of the spyder IDE.

 As you can see you have different windows open. The ipython console window where you input ipython commands, the script or module text editor where you write modules, classes, functions etc and folder or directory navigation on the toolbar.

Such system allow you to practice python language by typing in the commands in the ipython console, see the output, and at the same time you can write scripts and functions in the editor window. In the editor window you can write your own functions, modules etc and run the code using the run button in the toolbar or you can debug the program.

The folder navigation system is also easy to understand. It is at the top of the IDE which allows you to see at the instant where your program are being saved, that is, the current working directory. If you want to save the files and programs in another directory you can browse your computer and drive and create a folder or save inside another folder.

Also you can see the File explorer window. This is the content of the current working directory as shown at the top of the folder navigation. The file explorer shows you at a glance the content of the working directory. So you can just click on the file which you want to open or it just useful if you want to know whether some specific file is in there.

Pane Navigation Tabs

Notice the different pane navigation tabs: Project Explorer, Outline, Object Inspector, Variable Explorer, File Explorer, Breakpoints, Profiler, Static Code Analysis.

These navigation panes are there to provide you help in navigating and finding what you want. For example you can find what variables are currently being used in the system memory.

One of the main reason for saying that anaconda spyder is best for beginner is because it has an builtin online help system. To see this click on the online help tab.

In the above picture you can see the index of modules which is the default view. There you can see and find out what the different builtin module do. You can directly type in the module name and search for it or you can just type in the text for which you need help. This help system is very helpful to python beginners because they don't know the functions available in python programming language or what arguments you must pass in.

Opening a file, creating a new python file, creating a new project etc are also very easy to do here. You can also switch to ordinary python console which is available at the bottom of the console window.

You can try the other features and test this IDE yourself. You will see how easy this IDE is to work with and will love it.

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