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How to find window class name using spy++

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If you were to wonder how to find the window class name of any application(.exe) running in windows OS then this tutorial is for you.

Whenever you open an application(.exe) in windows OS, the OS assigns a class name among many others(instance handle, process id, thread ID). You can get these information using the spy++ application.

Here we will show you how to launch spy++ from Visual Basic Studio to find information about the application window class name.

In visual basic studio, go to Tools and select the spy++.

Then you see a window with list of all the current running applications. One of them as shown is the Window Media Player.

To find window media application class name we select it first in the list and go to View, then click on the Properties as shown below.

Another window will show up and there we select the Class tab. In that section we can clearly see the Class Name and other related information such as Class Style, Instance Handle code and Window Procedure code.

class name using spy++

Other than class name you can also view the Process ID and Thread ID.

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