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How to Install anaconda python in windows

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In this blog post you will learn or see how to install anaconda python in windows. The installation process is fairly simple.

First go to the anaconda python website:

Select, click and download the installation file according to your operating system, that is, whether 32 bit or 64 bit. Here we use python 3.5 version for 32 bit windows OS.

The download will start and the file will be saved in the folder where you have configured your browser to save the file. Here the file is downloaded in the desktop. The downloaded file is shown below.

Double click the file and the application installation window will pop up. Click on the Run button.

 Click on Next.

Click on the I agree button.

Choose either Just Me or All Users and then click next.

Choose the folder where you want to install the application. Here it is set to default location. Then click Next.

The anaconda installation process will start.

You can click on details to view what is being installed.

After completion, you will see a message Installation Complete, click Next.

You will see a final window where you can choose whether you want to learn about the anaconda cloud feature. If you want leave it checked otherwise if you don't want to know about it just click Finish.

Now anaconda python installation is finished.

You can now go to the window start and see the installation of the anaconda.

As you can see there are various sub-application that comes with anaconda. Anaconda navigator shows all the application at a glance.

It is basically the same applications that you see in the anaconda folder in the start menu.

You can launch the applications either from the navigator or from the anaconda folder in the windows start up menu.

Spyder is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that you can use to write python programs and interactive write code. This is shown below.

If you launch qtconsole you will see the following.

This is called Ipython console which has some more functionality than a regular python console.

Jupyter notebook is launched in web browser. It is another way to work with python language programming. The notebook has the feature that you can learn or do work with pages, saving and editing rather than cleaning all commands entered in console.


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