Watch the following Arduino microcontroller video tutorial. The video shows how to use the Arduino starterkit project called spaceship.

As you perhaps know, Arduino comes with set of project examples for you to learn how to do projects in arduino. In this video you will learn how to use one of the ready made project called Spaceship. The project shows you how to control power to different LEDs using push button. The video shows how to set up the circuit on the board. The circuit consist of LEDS, resistors, push buttons and power supplies connected with the arduino microcontroller.

After connecting the circuit, you will use the arduino IDE and start the spaceship project. The project comes with program code example. This program code is explained to you. It explains how the microcontroller reads the digital inputs and the outputs. The project shows that when the push button is not pressed, the green LED is continuously ON, and when the push button is pressed, the other two RED LEDs turns on alternatively.

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