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Jupyter Notebook not showing Output??

By Applied Electronics - Wednesday, July 6, 2016 No Comments
Jupyter notebook is the one that comes as default notebook when you install python anaconda. But when the notebook was fired up and a simple code was entered, there was no output. The problem of this is might possibly the configuration on how the Jupyter notebook starts up. It seems like the notebook kernel when it starts up for the first time or for any other reason, does not look for the sys module. Because when the sys module was imported then the notebook kernel was restarted the notebook output started to work.

So here is the solution to output not showing that worked. First import sys and then restart or restart and run all from the kernel menu.

The figures below shows this.

When the notebook was completely restarted, the output just worked fine. So it looks like you have to do it only once after you have installed Jupyter notebook or  anaconda. But who knows better than the developers. Let us know your problems.


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