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Now you can simulate Microcontrollers on the web Online

By Applied Electronics - Wednesday, July 27, 2016 No Comments
The following video will show you how you can use the online proteus professional circuit simulator to practice and design electronics circuit.

Proteus professional is one of the best circuit design and simulation software. It can be used for analog, digital and microcontroller simulation. It can also be used for PCB design.

The following example will show you how to simulate 8051 microcontroller. 8051 microcontroller is a popular microcontroller in educational sector as well as industrial sector. The reason for choosing 8051 microcontroller is that it provides a very good fundamental concept of microcontroller which is essential for educational purpose. Moreoever, many and most of the microcontroller are based on 8051 microcontroller or its variation, that is 8051 from Intel is the base of all microcontrollers such as ATMEL microchip etc.

The video aim is to demonstrate how you can access online microcontroller simulator so there is no explanation about the proteus software or how to write program for micrcontroller in proteus. If you need read the tutorial How to Program Microcontroller using Proteus. The program we will write is a simple C program that turns on and off a LED connected to one of the pin of the microcontroller. If you need the code you can get it in how to program a microcontroller using C and turn LED ON/OFF? blog post. For more you can check out more microcontroller programming in C in this blog.

Watch the video now and leave any comment if you have.

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