A sinusoidal to square wave generator circuit is shown and simulated in Proteus professional software. The input signal is a 0 to 5V, 1MHz sinusoidal signal and the output is a square wave signal of same frequency 1MHz and amplitude diminished square wave signal.

The circuit consist of two cmos hex inverters 74HC04, two 1N914 diodes and passive components. The circuit is illustrated in the book the art of analog electronics, chapter 3- Field Effect Transistors, page 158, Fig 3.64.

Sinusoidal to Square wave Generator circuit design

The designed schematic circuit in Proteus professional is shown below.

Sinusoidal to Square wave Generator circuit design in proteus

The input and output waveform from the simulated circuit is shown below:

Sinusoidal to Square wave waveforms

You can watch how to do this in the following video.


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