"CMOS VLSI Design A Circuits and Systems Perspective" by Neil H.E Weste and David Harris teaches the design, design and fabrication of today's CMOS contraptions. It comprises exceptional illustration of CMOS layout and chips with images that makes it extra readable and less difficult to appreciate the underlying engineering idea.

As illustration of one of the chapters and subject matters protected are- basic configuration of quite a lot of good judgment gates similar to AND, OR, NAND, distinguished OR and AND gate, their CMOS fabrication approach, design design and stick diagram, design partitioning, MIPS architectures, logic designs, circuit design. Bodily planning is an extra chapter wherein flooring planning, commonplace cells, slice plans and design verification are defined. It then explains the idea of MOS transistors which includes characteristic curves, non -ultimate I-V curves, dc switch characteristic curves. CMOS processing, precept of operation, design design principles are defined. Lengthen and vigor chapters which might be major parameter within the transistor technology are subsequent defined. Circuit characterizations and efficiency evaluation which might be foremost when you consider that this explains find out how to genuinely evaluate and evaluate the designed method are subject matters blanketed next. Here it explains interconnects, power dissipation, delay estimations, design margin, reliability and scaling explanations. The chapters following this are combinational common sense, sequential circuit, data path subsystem, CMOS memory, array subsystem.

CMOS VLSI Design A Circuits and Systems Perspective

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