Download Electricity 3 Power Generation and Delivery engineering ebook free. This is the 3rd part and 10th edition of the Electricity series book by Jeff Keljik.

This book explains the different types of power generators and how the single phase and three-phase power are supplied or delivered to the customers site. With the help of this book you will understand how power are generated delivered by enhancing knowledge on DC generators, polyphase circuits, three-phase wye and delta connections, electrical characteristics of three-phase alternators, alternative power sources, transformers, and other related topics. This is an excellent electrical engineering book for both novice and practicing electrical workers. It emphasizes electrical system operation, understanding of electrical procedures and troubleshooting.

Electricity 3 Power Generation and Delivery

Content of the book:

Preface. 1. Operating Principles of DC Generators. 2. The Separately Excited DC Generator. 3. The Self Excited Shunt Generator. 4. Compound Wound DC Generator. 5. Summary of Units 1-4. 6. Single Phase AC Generation Principles. 7. Introduction to Polyphase Circuits. 8. The Three Phase Wye Connection. 9. The Three Phase Delta Connection. 10. Summary of Units 6-9. 11. Three Phase Alternators. 12. Engine Driven Generating Systems. 13. Control and Paralleling of Three Phase Alternators. 14. Alternate Power Sources. 15. Summary of Units 11-14. 16. Transformer Basics. 17. Single Phase Transformers. 18. The Single Phase, Three Wire Systems. 19. Single Phase Transformers Connected in Delta and Open Delta. 20. Single Phase Transformers Connected in Wye Systems. 21. Three Phase Transformers. 22. Separately Derived Systems With Transformers. 23. Summary of Power Transformers Units 16-22. 22. Instrument Transformers. 25. Power Relay and Monitoring. 26. Transformer Installations and National Electrical Code(R). 27 Safety. Glossary. Index.

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