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How images can be represented as Matrix

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An Image can be conveniently represented as matrix. This technique is used in all books,  computational work as well in real hardware or software. Matlab is a popular CAD for image processing. In matlab images are represented also as matrix.

In the previous post on images representation in computer, it was described how images are converted from analog signal to digitized digital signal via sampling and quantization. After quantization the intensities of an image is stored in a matrix. If f(x,y) is an image then the image are stored in a matrix like the following-

How images can be represented as Matrix

Each element of the image matrix is the value of intensity. It is also called pixel value. This is how in reality an image is stored inside a computer, represented within the hardware or software.

In matlab, the image is represented with the first element as f(1,1) instead of f(0,0). This is because matlab indexing starts at 1 and not 0. Except that everything is the same. So in matlab an image matrix has the following form.

images represented as Matrix in matlab
For more detailed information on this you can read the Digital Image Processing Using Matlab pdf by Rafael C. Gonzalez.


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