Download Practical Wireless Data Modem Design pdf free.

Design and implement better performing wireless data modems for mobile and satellite communications with this practical resource. Without relying upon rigorous mathematical derivations, and packed with actual design examples, this unique book gives you the knowledge and tools you need to more effectively analyze, specify, and solve a multitude of common wireless data modem design problems.
Based on the author's 20 plus years of experience in wireless product design, "Practical Wireless Data Modem Design"...
Provides analysis methods for phase lock loops, phase noise, spurious emissions intermodulations, electromagnetics interference and more.
Presents design details of satellite ground station modems and the interaction between link budgets and modem performance specifications and implementations.
Explores digital cellular telephone modem performance issues
The book also overviews the various modulation types and modem applications, explains modem design "Rules of Thumb", understood among designers but not defined in other books, and supplies the design details of a functional (63,47) Reed Solomon Codec used in CDPD. With extensive numerical examples to help you understand complex digital communications concepts and full coverage of FCC legal requirements, you won't find the practical information contained in this source anywhere else.

Practical Wireless Data Modem Design pdf free download

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