Download Radiation Detection and Measurement pdf free here at applied electronics engineering blog. This is the fourth edition and is authored by Glenn F. Knoll. It is regarded as one of the top book on radiation physics, nuclear engineering and the connection to instrumentation.

Radiation Detection and MeasurementThe book starts with introducing readers to the different types of radiation sources. Electrons, heavy atoms and nuclei, electromagnetic radiation are some of these. Then the radiation interaction is covered, that is- how radiated particles interacts. After having these two basics covered, the book then explains the statistics and counting to quantify those physical phenomenon. Once that is done, the next few chapters are on devices and instrumentation. Covered by these chapters includes radiation detectors, ionization chambers, different types of counters, photodiodes, photo-multiplier tubes, semiconductor diodes and other solid state devices. Further down the book, you will then find digital processing of the signals. Here pulse programing, spectrum analysis, FPGA, ASIC etc are covered.

The final chapters includes essential miscellaneous topics which could not be fitted in the above chapters such as other detectors. The book concludes with safety where mostly shielding of radiation for different types of radiation is explained.

 download Radiation_Detection_and_Measurement.pdf from Web Drive

Solution manual of this book is also available here at applied electronics engineering blog. 


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