RC circuit, integrator and low pass filter have the same circuit arrangement or topology. It only differs in the what the user is trying to achieve with the circuit. The following circuit examples are taken from the book The Art of Electronics and was simulated using Multisim. See Download The Art of Electronics by Horowitz Ebook Free for the book and you can use the Online circuit multisim simulator.

 RC circuit

Following is an RC circuit driven by 1KHz square wave signal. The output is a triangle signal. The input is applied with signal generator and the output is viewed using the oscilloscope. The resistor is 10KOhm and the capacitor is 0.01uF.

Integrator circuit

Following is an integrator circuit driven by 100KHz signal. The circuit is the same as that of RC circuit shown above and the value of resistor and capacitor is also the same.

 The input is now a 100KHz signal and the amplitude is same as before.

Low pass filter

Low Pass Filter has the same circuit layout as of RC circuit and integrator. Following is a LPF circuit.

We have placed a sinusoidal signal source at the input and placed a probe at the output for frequency analysis. Using the ac analysis in the we get the following frequency response graphs.


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