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Satellite Communication for undergraduate or graduate engineering students

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For the undergraduate or graduate scholar in engineering, it's a very understandable textual content on the fundamental requirements of utilizing satellites for communication. Many theory and design  concerns for satellite communication are included. For example a complete list of current geostationary satellites, and their orbital assignments are included. For those of you who desire a revision of Kepler mechanics the second chapter is a good read. Or if you need a fast cram on the propagation of radio waves, read Chapter 4. And there are all-principal working mechanics of antenna design. Because that satellite communications system are of curiosity, requiring more understanding than a few analog and digital this book provides a good introductory introduction to satellite communication.

The author Roddy has written the definitive reference on satellite communications. The entire essential subject matters are included here including orbital mechanics, on board methods, ground stations and link evaluation. Subject matters are covered in sufficient element but in easy to understand format correct for self be trained. Digitally processed payloads are additionally included here, however i'd have liked to peer expertise on latest developments in on board switching, ATM over satellite tv for pc and TCP/IP over satellite tv for pc. I would also have preferred to peer extra knowledge about mobile techniques and networking over LEO systems. These omissions don't detract from the total satisfactory, as an alternative, they're suggestions for future revisions of the textual content. A further recommendation could be to move the references from the back of the text to the end of each chapter. The fundamental content here is solid!


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