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simple way to produce AM signal using AD633 IC

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AD633 is a popular IC for electronics projects. It can be used for mathematical operations, modulator/demodulators, phase detection, voltage controlled oscillators, automatic gain control and other application.

AD633 IC is a very useful and easy to use IC that can be used for AM signal generation as well. It has two inputs into which the message signal and the carrier signal can be fed and by supplying proper supply voltage rail we can get AM signal at the output.

Below is one such circuit drawn and simulated in Proteus Professional online simulator. The message signal is 5V, 1KHz V3 sine and the carrier signal is 1V, 20KHz signal.

By connecting an oscilloscope we can view the signal at the R1 1Kohm load.

The input signals(message and carrier signals) magnitude is unrealistic in the above illustrated simulation but the frequencies are. By using op-amps at the input we can drive the low amplitude signals into this AD633 AM modulator.

This AM signal is a standard AM signal. For DSB suppresed carrier signal look at DSBSC AM wave generation using AD633 IC blogpost.

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