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Stepping Motors and their Microprocessor Controls pdf free download

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Download Stepping Motors and their Microprocessor Controls pdf free.

Stepping motors are used wherever repeated stop-start or intermittent motions are required in machinates or computer. They are found in a diverse range of machines such as clocks, typewriters, automatic draughting machines, numerically controlled machine tools, and computer peripherals, stepping motors offer easy compatibility with digital equipment and ease of control.

This rare book on steeping motor control with microprocessor gives insight into how they are digitally controlled. It starts with explaining what stepping motors are and where they are found. Historical note is provided at the beginning as they form an important ingredient for understanding the subject. With that, it explains the construction of modern stepping motors. The physics of construction and dynamics is explained very well.

After the chapters on stepping motors, the book explains the drive and control for stepping motors. Here, the focus is on controller design for the motor. Measurement, logic sequences, pulse timing etc are some of the topics explained here. The form of controls and in particular closed loop system are explained very well. The final chapter is on application of the stepper motor with control via microprocessors or microcontrollers.

The book offers a practical approach to the workings, design, and construction of these motors controlled via microprocessor with clear diagrams. It can be regarded as a stepping motors tutorial book helpful to introducing the subject to electrical and electronic engineering students and professionals. With lots of examples and history of microprocessor based stepper motor control the students are even more prepared to the industrial engagement.

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