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The Arts of Linear Electronics ebook free download

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Download The Arts of Linear Electronics ebook free. This practical handbook gives a complete working knowledge of the basics and technology of linear electronics, with application examples in such fields as audio, radio, instrumentation and television. It offers a grounding in the technology of electronics as applied to linear circuit applications, and gives an explanation for all the mechanisms described.

John Linsley Hood (1925-2004) was head of the electronics research laboratories at British cellophane, for nearly 25 years. He worked on many instrumentation projects including width gauges and moisture meters, and made several inventions which were patented under the Cellophane name. Prior to his work at British Cellophane he worked in the electronics laboratory of the Department of Atomic Energy at Sellafield, Cumbria. He studied at Reading University after serving in the military as a radar mechanic. Linsley Hood published more than 30 technical feature articles in Wireless World magazine and its later incarnation Electronics World. He also contributed to numerous magazines including Electronics Today.

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