Download A Textbook of Robotics 2 Structure, Control and Operation pdf free. This book provides a good basic principles of robot design. It consist of 9 chapters each explaining different aspects of robot design. It is the 2nd part of the book

A Textbook of Robotics 2 Structure, Control and Operation pdf download freeThe first chapter is on general components of a robotic systems- mechanical arm, end effector,  robot motor, stepper motor, computer and sensors. The second chapter id devoted to the mechanical arm. Here different detailed aspects of mechanical arm are covered such as coordinate system, structure and control, kinematic structures etc. The chapter 3 is about control- open and closed loop control, stability and different types of control. The 4th chapter is about electrical drive and motors. DC servo motors, stepper motors, pulse width modulation, advantage and disadvantage of each are covered. Chapter 5 is on hydraulic drive systems where properties of fluids, cylinders, power sources, valves and electrohydraulic servo valves are explained. The chapter 6 is on feedback devices- potentiometers, optical encoders, positional encoders and tachometers are explained. Chapter 9 is about drive and control systems. Here automatic drilling systems, processes, computer controlled system for hydraulic cylinder are discussed. The chapter 8 is on robot path control- point to point control, continuous path control are among the topics covered. The final chapter 9 is on case studies.

 The modern world is all about robots and computation. This book A Textbook of Robotics 2 Structure, Control and Operation provides a glimpse into the theory of robotics and what are required to design a robot. The instruments such as stepper motors, electrical circuit requirement such as amplifier, microcontroller etc are also covered.

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