Download Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules pdf free. This book teaches the latest art of designing handheld communication system by integrating the communication system with antenna. Today's communication system design trend is to integrate the transmitter, receiver circuit with antenna into a single integrated circuit. Priori the trend was to design communication system and antenna separately. This book highlights the basic and advanced techniques that are being used.

The book starts with the introduction to this new emerging field of integrated circuit-antenna module. Overview of the process is also provided in the introductory chapter 1. The second chapter then goes into explaining the electronics design and antenna design CAD, the design process and coders microwave circuits and printed microwave antennas. The 3rd chapter is also on CAD for electronics circuit design but focuses on simulation. The fourth chapter is on multiport network method. The 5th and 6th chapters are on electromagnetic analysis in the frequency domain and time domain. The 7th chapter is on phase locking dynamics in integrated antenna arrays. The 8th chapter looks into the osicallator design, oscillator grid and arrays. The 9th chapter is on design consideration for monolithic microwave circuit transmit and receiver module. The chapter 10 where integrated transceiver with antenna modules for use in fiber system is discussed. The books ends with concluding chapter where future motivation and discussion are provided. 

The book is helpful for new comers into communication system design. New engineering graduates or undergraduates would find this valuable for their research and know-how of the latest trend in communication system design, especially mobile or handheld devices.

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