Download Basic of Cell Design by Etienne Sicard, Sonia Delmas Bendhia pdf free. Anybody interested in design of integrated circuit using CMOS will find this pdf book valuable. It contains lots of valuable information regarding the design process. Great picture of IC and fabrication process makes the book enjoyable.

Basic of Cell Design pdf free download
 Beginning with an introduction to CMOS technology and its application, the book dwells into the atomic structure of the atoms and molecules of materials that makes up the CMOS devices. Materials include the metals such as copper, gold, tungsten, silicon etc. Different form of switches p and n type switches with its layout are explained. It shows you design with IC design CAD- microwind. After the primary introduction, the book continues with MOS modelling where important equations are highlighted. Then the actual MOS is designed and simulated in microwind IC design CAD. Next Inverter design is illustrated followed by interconnect, basic gates, arithmetic circuits, sequential cell design, analog cell design and a concluding chapter.
Basic of Cell Design pdf free download

Basic of Cell Design pdf free download

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