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Books for learning CMOS IC design step by step

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CMOS and IC design is a specialized subject which is not usually taught because of the available fabrication machine and other reasons. But below is a list of CMOS books ordered in ascending order for beginners to advanced which will help you master the CMOS IC design. 

1. CMOS Integrated Circuits Learning by Experiments

CMOS Integrated Circuits Learning by Experiments This book contains basic experimentation with CMOS gates and ICs. The book basically goes through experimentation and checking of various CMOS gates AND, OR etc and CMOS ICs such as 555 Timer, Op-amps etc. It actually does not teach you how to design IC but contains the necessary background for the design.

 It is included here for few reasons. First beginners can understand examples of CMOS components- basic gates and ICs. So they know what are CMOS components, IC and what they do and how to check them in laboratory. Second, this book will become handy later on as a handbook to refer to actually working CMOS component, truth table, functions and component related parameter.

2. Basic of Cell Design pdf free download

Basic of Cell Design Once you have basic knowledge of the CMOS IC you should begin to design your own first IC component and get acquainted with IC design CAD. The book "Basic of Cell Design" is exactly what you need for this step. It is important because it shows you from start to finish how to design simple gates(NOT, OR, AND etc), arithmetic circuits, sequential circuits etc. It uses microwind IC design software. The book contains step by step guide, pictures illustration and other valuable information. At the end of completing this book you will know how to design basic CMOS IC.

3. CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, Simulation

CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, Simulation This is a bit advanced than the earlier book. Like Basic Cell Design book this book contains design guide, precautions, tools and techniques for IC design. This book contains explanation of RF components using CMOS such as LAN, Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Oscillators, Phase locked Loop(PLL), synthesizers etc. This book will help you in many way- the IC design software available, simulation and layout guide, trends of simulation and names of IC design CADs. 

4. Download CMOS Processors and Memories

CMOS Processors and Memories Now that you know basics of cell design, software and simulation you can then trackle specialized IC design. You can start with design of CMOS based processors and memories. In this book first processors design is illustrated- design factors in processors- performance, low power and multi-core processing and actual design of CMOS processoers. Then memories design are explained and illustrated. Memories IC include SRAM(Static RAM), DRAM(Dynamic RAM), flash memories and emerging memories like FRAM,PRAM and ReRAM. The book "CMOS Processors and Memories" will help you to specialize in the design of processors and memories. This is more of dedicated book on processor and memories.

5. Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits

Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
Analog CMOS integrated circuits is concerned and focused on the single stage amplifiers, differential amplifiers, feedback networks, operational amplifiers, frequency response, stability, frequency compensation for IC design. It does not contain design of CMOS analog IC but contains analysis of the circuits which is also required. The design of analog IC is covered in the book CMOS Circuit design book.


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