Download 110 Integrated Circuit Projects for the Home Constructor pdf free. This DIY electronic project book teaches you how you can build amazing electronics gadgets at home using integrated circuits. It contains 110 electronics project from simple amplifier to sophisticated measurement and sensor circuits. This book is valuable to amateur, engineering students and professional engineers.

The book is organized in 5 chapters according to the IC used(op-amps, 555 timers, XR-2206 function generator). The IC(integrated circuit) used are popular and are readily available in electronics stores. Al the circuits are proven circuits by the author as well as by thousands of readers.

Download 110 Integrated Circuit Projects for the Home Constructor pdf freeThe book first shows different electronics circuit designed using op-amps. Theory with important formula and parameters to be taken into consideration are explained. Then the book contains electronics circuit with 555 timer. Different circuit that can be build with the 555 integrated circuit are shown such as oscillators, pulse generator, morse coder. The third integrated circuit component that is illustrated is the XR-2206 waveform generator circuit. Here the circuit design behind the waveform generator circuit and application circuit are explained. The fourth IC project is on the LM380 audio amplifier circuit. LM380 is a general purpose power audio amplifier. The circuit operation and application circuit are explained in this chapter. The final integrated circuit component project uses the 723 voltage regular circuit.

Equipped with this DIY electronics project book you can start practicing circuit design. You can also download proteus professional 8 free and use the CAD to practise and simulate the circuit diagrams contained in this book.

 Today's electronics circuits are mostly made of integrated circuit components so this electronics project book is valuable because it teaches how to use IC. Equally this book is helpful for engineering students who have to submit electronics projects as part of their course. Professional engineers working in some industry would also find this book useful. More importantly, electronics design amateur and hobbyist who wants to build something in their home can download this book and do the projects.

Download 110 Integrated Circuit Projects for the Home Constructor.pdf from Web Drive

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