Download CMOS Processors and Memories pdf free. This is the only advanced CMOS  technology book that explains how processors and memories are designed and created using CMOS integrated technology. If you are electronics engineer interested in processors and memories integrated circuit then this book is for you.

The book first explains and discusses the processor part. Here the important design factors in processors- performance, low power and multi-core processing are discussed. Following these, the asynchronous design concept and its benefits and dis-benefit are discussed. Then a methodology called hardware design space exploration is discussed. This methodology is based on Bayesian inference framework. The second part of the book is focused on memories design. First SRAM(Static RAM), DRAM(Dynamic RAM) and flash memories are discussed. Herein the effects in semiconductor memories design such as tunneling, hot electron injection, charge trapping etc are explained. Then emerging memories like FRAM,PRAM and ReRAM that is made possible using magnetization, electron spin alignment, ferroelectric effect, built-in potential well , quantum effects and thermal melting are described.

It is a book for professional and graduate research students who are interested in the future of processor and memories design.

Download CMOS Processors and Memories pdf free


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