Download electronics project book 301 circuits vol.2 pdf free

This book contains 303 practical electronics circuit that you can build at home. Circuit includes AC touchswitch, audible logic probe, level shifter, complementary emitter follower, reaction speed tester, non-inverting integrator, positive triggered set-reset flip flop, auto trigger level control, LED logic flasher, complementary twin-T selective filter, negative supply from positive supply, microphone pre-amp, loudspeaker delay circuit, voltage controlled LED brightness, clipping indicator, LED reference diode, CMOS PLL, guitar preamp, osculometer, CMOS CCO, LED tuner, loudspeaker connections, constant amplitude squarewave to sawtooth, ohmmeter, i see your point circuit, musical doorbell, battery saver, short-interval light switch, car light reminder, tap switch, variable pulse generator, DC polarity protection, disco light, 3-state CMOS logic indicator, model railway block section controller, burglar's battery saver, pachis, metronome, improved DNL, resistance bridge, octave shifter for electric guitar, liquid level sensor, frequency ratio meter, LED lamps, linear thermometer, ten channel tap, floating input for DVM, transistor tester, delux transistor testoer, moister sensor, 2 switches 2 lamp one wire, car anti-theft protection, frequency multiplier, sinewave oscillator, digital frequency synthesizer, dwell meter, automatic voltage prescaler, bio-control, barometer, electronic weathercock, slave flash, photo-flash delay, current dumping amplifier, doorbell drone, digital constrast meter, emergency flight controller, FM PLL CA 3089, logic analyzer, battery monitor, analogue frequency meter, D.J killer etc.

Some screenshot of this pdf book is below

Newton's Cadle circuit diagram:

IR(Infra Red) controller:

Download electronics project book 301 circuits vol.2 pdf free


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