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Good books on RF Power amplifier design

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RF power amplifier are required in RF transceiver circuits which are used within wireless devices. RF power amplifier enhances the power of the input signal from mW to hundreds of Watts or more. They are delivered to RF radiating transducers such as antenna or coils. Good design of RF power amplifier leads to equipment efficiency and less interference to nearby channel or devices. There are many things to consider when designing power amplifiers. For examples classes of power amplifiers, transistor to be used, specifications etc. 

Good books on RF Power amplifier design
 The transistor used in RF power amplifier can be MOSFET, BJT or MESFET. A recommended book for knowing the basics of Power Amplifier types and design using MOSFET is the RF Power Amplifier book by Marian K.Kazimierczuk(see RF power amplifiers free book download). It details power amplifier design of various classes and uses mostly MOSFET transistor as examples. For BJT type Power Amplifier and knowing the basics one can read the book Electronics Principles by Malvino which is a popular book on electronics, particularly transistors circuits(see electronic principles malvino 8th edition pdf).

The aforementioned book provides a base for power amplifier concepts. After having the basic knowledge one can then switch over the design methodology. For this two notable books are as as follows.

For more advanced RF power amplifier design at the higher frequency one can go for RF Circuit Design by Christopher Bowick. Another book in this level is the Microwave engineering by David M.Pozar.


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