Sometimes you just need to double the input frequency. It can be done using simple gates- two NOT and one XOR gate. One input of XOR is fed with the input signal and the other input of XOR is feed with the delayed version of the input signal. The delayed version is obtained by passing the input signal through two consecutive NOT gate. The output of the second NOT gate is fed to the XOR second input. This is as shown below.

how to double the frequency of input signal using simple gates
This is nice tricky way to double the frequency of input signal using simple gates. Moreover it illustrates one's understanding about electronics design in particular digital systems engineering.

This simple circuit can be tested using any electronics design CAD like proteus professional v8 or one can just go through the circuit and use the XOR truth table to evaluate the output. Probably more such design requirement may come across in digital system design on FPGA(see digital systems design using vhdl 2nd edition pdf).


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