Download Introduction to Solid State Physics Kittel pdf free. This is the 8th edition written by Charles Kittel. This book is perhaps the most popular book on solid state physics. It is used as textbook in the Physics curriculum and applied Physics curriculum as well as physics oriented engineering, chemistry and biology courses.

Introduction to Solid State Physics kittel pdf free downloadThe book begins with crystal structure explaining the different orientation of atoms, types of lattices and basically structure of crystals. The second chapter is on wave diffraction and the reciprocal lattice. The crystal binding and elastic constants are topics of chapter 3. Here the bonds in crystal are covered- covalent, ionic etc. Chapters 4 and 5 are on photons- how they arise and their properties. The chapter 6 is on fermi gas. The chapter 7 is on energy bands. Chapter 8 is on semiconductors crystals. Chapters 9 is on fermi surfaces and metals. Superconductivity is chapter 10. Then at chapter 11, magnetism is covered- diamagnetism and paramagnetism. Ferromagnetism and anti-ferromagnetism are covered in chapter 12. Chapter 13 is on magnetic resonance. Plasmons, polaritons and polarons are topics of chapters 14. Optical process and excitons are covered in chapter 15. Dielectrics and ferroelectrics are covered in chapter 16. Surfaces an interface physics is covered in chapter 17 and chapter 18 covered nanostructures(by Professor Paul McEuen). Nocrystalline solids is topic of chapter 19. Point defects are covered in chapter 20.

The book thus covers all the different aspects of solid state physics. Reading this book would be valuable aid to reading semiconductor books such as semiconductor device fundamentals pierret pdf. The basic behind modern electronics is also deeply rooted to understanding solid state physics so this book is helpful for electronics engineering students.

Introduction to Solid State Physics kittel pdf free download


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