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RF power amplifiers free book download

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Download RF Power Amplifiers pdf free book written by Marian K.Kazimierczuk. This book contains all the theory and information required to design power amplifiers(PA). The power amplifier designs are mainly for application in wireless communication devices.  The book is mostly theoretical in nature and best part of it is in its showing design methodology. Derivation of all and important equations for each type of power amplifier is provided. Usually general electronics circuit books such as electronic principles malvino 8th edition pdf does not provide amplifier design beyond class C, this book covers all other types of power amplifiers.

RF power amplifiers free book download
 The book "RF Power Amplifiers" starts with basic introduction to power amplifiers and applications of power amplifiers such as in wireless communication. The second chapter is on class A RF PA. The 3rd is on AB, C and class C RF PA. The 4th chapter is on class D RF power amplifiers. Class E RF Zero voltage switching RF PA is the topic of chapter 5. Class E Zero current switching RF PA is covered in chapter 6. The chapter 7 is on the DE PA. Class F RF PA is on chapter 8. Chapter 9 is on linearization and efficiency improvement of RF PA. The chapter 10 is on integrated inductors.

RF power amplifier are wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, telecommunication patch antenna as well as in medical appliances. With this free pdf book on RF power amplifiers you can widen your knowledge of different kinds of RF PA. This ebook is suitable for graduate students of engineering who wish to do research on power amplifier in wireless communication. It is also useful for professional engineers who are already engaged in the industry.

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