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Download Broadband Planar Antennas Design and Application pdf free

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 Download Broadband Planar Antennas Design and Application to learn how to design antenna. Antenna is the ear to detect signals. It is also called transducer and is used in almost any electronic devices. This book gives you wealth of information on how to design different types of Broadband Planar Antennas. In today information communication technology antenna are found everywhere from WiFi to mobile handset, from TV to satellite, from PC to laptop, police and emergency radio services etc. In the future they will be used everywhere like fridge, washmachines, doors, etc. Hence the demand of antenna designer is huge. This book describes not only how to design antenna but also examples of where antenna are employed. Author of this book are Dr Zhi Ning Chen and Dr Michael Y. W. Chia who have lot of computational and experimental experience in the design of these antennas. You can also see some of the microstrip antenna design tutorials here on this blog.

What the book contains-

The first chapter contains the fundamental antenna topics. Here the relationships between different types of planar antenna are also explained. The second chapter covers important features and broadband techniques for microstrip patch antennas. The third chapter is on techniques of broadband suspended plate antennas and arrays. Here the various techniques of antenna design are described such as how to get broadband impedance, how to enhance radiation performance and how to improve diversity performance. Chapter four then discusses broadband planar inverted-L/F type antennas and how they can used and are used in mobile handsets and laptop computers. The fifth chapter covers planar monopole antennas and their UWB applications. Antenna design considerations for UWB radio systems are discussed in the frequency and time domains.
Broadband Planar Antennas Design and Applications
This book provides comprehensive introduction to planar antennas with enough details that shows various broadband techniques to design these antennas for practical applications. It is well organized and has plentiful diagrams with numerical and experimental results to help understand the concepts. There are many references at the end of each chapter to assist with further study of each topic. I believe that this book will be of interest and useful to anyone who works on planar antennas, their broadband techniques and their application to UWB radio systems.

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