Download CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, Simulation written by R.Jacob Baker ebook free. This book is dedicated for IC design useful for researchers, designers and students. It contains hundreds of CMOS IC practical design examples to teach how to create IC layout. CMOS is the future of electronics made favorable due to its inherent advantages of low power consumption and low IC chip area consumption.

This book also contains valuable information for custom CMOS IC design. Another book like this that teaches CMOS layout design is the CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuit and System Design Perspective. RF design engineers interested in designing RF IC chips should have a look into the The Design of CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits. This book contains explanation of RF components using CMOS such as LAN, Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Oscillators, Phase locked Loop and synthesizers. Another book on CMOS IC design is the CMOS Integrated Circuits by Kang. It has more contents related to CMOS IC design, starting with explanation of transistors, CMOS IC design process to manufacuturing of CMOS IC chips.

 Download link:,_Layout,_and_Simulation,_3rd_Edition,_2010,Baker.pdf


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