Download Engineering Analysis Interactive Methods and Programs with FORTRAN, QuickBASIC, MATLAB and Mathematica pdf free.


  • Details the algorithms involved in the methods
  • Emphasizes the development of user-generated supplementary files so that more supporting subprograms can be added to the MATLAB m-files and Mathematica toolkits
  • Provides easy-to-use graphic output
  • Solves numerous sample problems, demonstrating the interactive application of developed programs
  • Summary

    This book provides a concise introduction to numerical concepts in engineering analysis, using FORTRAN, QuickBASIC, MATLAB, and Mathematica to illustrate the examples. Discussions include:

  • matrix algebra and analysis
  • solution of matrix equations
  • methods of curve fit
  • methods for finding the roots of polynomials and transcendental equations
  • finite differences and methods for interpolation and numerical differentiation
  • numerical computation of single and double integrals
  • numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
    Engineering Analysis:
  • teaches readers to become proficient in FORTRAN or QuickBASIC programming to solve engineering problems
  • provides an introduction to MATLAB and Mathematica, enabling readers to write supplementary m-files for MATLAB and toolkits for Mathematica using C-like commands.
  • The book emphasizes interactive operation in developing computer programs throughout, enabling the values of the parameters involved in the problem to be entered by the user of the program via a keyboard.
    In introducing each numerical method, Engineering Analysis gives minimum mathematical derivations but provides a thorough explanation of computational procedures to solve a specific problem. It serves as an exceptional text for self-study as well as resource for general reference.

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