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Engineering Computations and Modeling in MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R) provides a broad overview of The MathWorks' MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R)/GUIDE development and modeling environment. This textbook shows how to use these software tools effectively in a variety of engineering applications, including modeling real-world dynamic systems. Concepts Discussed: Major concepts of MATLAB(R), Symbolic Math ToolboxA', Simulink(R), and GUIDE * Development of effective foolproof M-file scripts and functions * Use of the 2D and 3D plotting functions and handle graphics * Creation of interactive user interfaces and animations * Presentation of numerical methods, coded in MATLAB(R) functions * Accuracy of digital computations Special Features: * Numerous examples * Derivation of fundamental formulas using symbolic math computations * Dynamic systems modeling in MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) * Development of user-friendly standalone GUIs * Introduction of aerospace engineering tools This book is used as a textbook by undergraduate and graduate students taking introductory and advanced courses in applied programming, and also as a reference for working professionals using MATLAB(R)/Simulink(R).

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