Download Wireless Digital Communications: Design and Theory pdf book free. This book is on the digital design theory and contains most of the required background on communication theory.

This book starts with introduction to communication theory then the second chapter is on Additive White Gaussian Noise, the third chapter is on antipodal, orthogonal and non-orthogonal signalling, the 4th chapter is on carrier transmission, chapter 5 is on frequency and impulse response of optimum modem filters, chapter 6 is on matched filters, the chapter 7 is on data codes, chapter 8 is on data slicer and the slicing level, the chapter 9 s on clock recovery, chapter 10 is on carrier recovery, chapter 11 is on phase locked loops for carrier and clock recovery, chapter 12 is on frame alignment and data carrier detect, chapter 13 is on propagation channel models, chapter 14 is on automatic request for repeat, chapter 15 is on testing considerations.

Wireless Digital Communications: Design and Theory

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