Download 50 Awesome Auto Project for the Evil Genius book free from the link below. The book is meant for electronic hobbies who likes to install electronic gadgets into their cars. The book has 15 chapters. The first is on Instrumentation,  the 2nd chapter is on comfort features, the 3rd is on intelligent functions, the 4th is on security and safety, the 5th is on a computer in your car, the 6th chapter is on power supplies, the 7th chapter is on display technologies, the 8th chapter is on input devices, the 9th chapter is on In car audio, the 10th chapter is on storage devices, the chapter 11 is on speech recognition, the chapter 12 is on GPS, the 13th chapter is on onboard diagnostics, the chapter 14 is on wireless connection and the final chapter 15 is on car PC software.

50 awesome auto project for the evil genius | Download book

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