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Download Adaptive Control Tutorial PDF ebook free

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Download Adaptive Control Tutorial by Petros Ioannou and Baris Fidan pdf ebook free.

Designed to meet the needs of a wide audience without sacrificing mathematical depth and rigor, Adaptive Control Tutorial presents the design, analysis, and application of a wide variety of algorithms that can be used to manage dynamical systems with unknown parameters. Its tutorial-style presentation of the fundamental techniques and algorithms in adaptive control make it suitable as a textbook.

Adaptive Control Tutorial is designed to serve the needs of three distinct groups of readers: engineers and students interested in learning how to design, simulate, and implement parameter estimators and adaptive control schemes without having to fully understand the analytical and technical proofs; graduate students who, in addition to attaining the aforementioned objectives, also want to understand the analysis of simple schemes and get an idea of the steps involved in more complex proofs; and advanced students and researchers who want to study and understand the details of long and technical proofs with an eye toward pursuing research in adaptive control or related topics.

The authors achieve these multiple objectives by enriching the book with examples demonstrating the design procedures and basic analysis steps and by detailing their proofs in both an appendix and electronically available supplementary material; online examples are also available. A solution manual for instructors can be obtained by contacting SIAM or the authors.

 This book will be useful to masters- and Ph.D.-level students as well as electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineers and applied mathematicians.

Chapters in the book are as follows- Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Parametric Models; Chapter 3: Parameter Identification: Continuous Time; Chapter 4: Parameter Identification: Discrete Time; Chapter 5: Continuous-Time Model Reference Adaptive Control; Chapter 6: Continuous-Time Adaptive Pole Placement Control; Chapter 7: Adaptive Control for Discrete-Time Systems;

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