Orcad capture is a professional simulation software used for verification and analysis of electronics circuits. Analog Design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice PDF book by Dennis Fizpatrick teaches how to use the software to create schematic diagram and how to stimulate the design. This book is useful for beginners who wants to learn the basics of creating schematic diagram for electronics circuits. The book contains step by step guide on how to setup projects, create schematic diagram, create multiple sheets and interlinking them, and how to setup and perform different simulation analysis(DC, AC, Parametric, Transients).

The book starts with tutorial on how to start a project, create symbols and parts, using design templates. Once the initial step is taught, it teaches DC Bias Point Analysis. This chapter includes the netlist generation, displaying the bias point on the schematic, saving and loading bias points. The next chapter is tutorial on DC analysis. Here DC voltage sweep example is provided along with how to use the markers exercise. The AC analysis is the subject of next chapter. Here like DC analysis, it contains tutorials on setting up AC analysis simulation, using markers with exercises. The parametric sweep is then next explained. It contains tutorials on how to setup the parametric sweep along with exercise using Notch filter. The next chapter contains tutorials on Stimulus editor. Here exercise on how to use transcient sources- exponential source, pulse source, VPWL, Sine and custom signal are provided with examples. After teaching and explaining the transient sources the next chapter is on Transient analysis and simulation using the sources explained in the previous chapter. The next chapter addresses the convergence problems and handling of errors that might be generated in the simulation. After having explained how to create schematics, different simulation analysis and debugging errors the book provides tutorials on analog components with advanced simulation analysis. The first tutorial is on Transformer with simulation analysis using Monte Carlo Analysis, Worst Case Analysis, Performance Analysis, Analog Behavioural Models, Noise analysis, temperature analysis.

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