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Download Application-Specific Integrated Circuits PDF free

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Download Application-Specific Integrated Circuits by Michael John Sebastian Smith ebook free. ASIC design is a preferred method of choice for custom IC design. This book explains design of ASIC circuit design with FPGA Programming language such as VHDL and verilog and others.

The book starts with explaining how the ASIC design method was evolved. Brief overview of Digital design and technical overview of CMOS technology is provided. Then it explains the ASIC library design, the input/output and interconnect in ASIC design are then explained. The next chapter discusses the programmable ASIC design software. The low level design entry is explained wherein the schematic design entry, low level languages and examples of PLD programming languages such as ABEL, CPUL, PALASM are provided. This chapter also addresses the PLA tools with examples.

An overview of the VHDL and Verilog programming language are explained next. Then the logic synthesis, simulation, test, ASIC construction, Floorplanning and routing are explained with FPGA design software example like Xilinx, Altera Quartus. At the end VHDL and Verilog resources are provided

The ASIC design book by Smith is good for beginners and advanced designers to learn quickly about what ASIC design flow.

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