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Today, everything from cell phones to microwaves to CD players all contain microcontrollers, or miniature computers, which need to be programmed to perform specific tasks. Designing such systems requires an understanding of both microprocessor electronics and programming languages. This book "C and the 8051" is written for the industrial electronics engineer who needs to use or switch to the Intel 8051 family of microcontrollers and implement it using a C programming language.

C and the 8051
The book "C and the 8051" starts by introducing the 8051 microcontroller, its internal hardware architecture- CPU, the different registers, RAM/ROM, I/O and serial ports etc and describes the instruction set of the 8051. Then it moves to programming the microcontroller using C language. It starts with introduction to C programming language- data types, pointers, arrays, functions, loops etc. Multitasking, timer, interrupt, serial port and real time operating system(RTOS) are covered after the C programming language chapters.

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