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Download The C Puzzle Book PDF free

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Download The C Puzzle Book written by Alan R. Feuer for free.

The C Puzzle Book is an excellent choice for all programmers who want to expand on their basic knowledge of the C programming language. Completely compliant with ANSI C, this book has been designed to help readers gain a more thorough understanding of the C syntax and semantics through interesting puzzles that challenge the readers' proficiency with the basics.
C programming specialist Alan Feuer covers major topics of C from different angles so the reader may gain a more complete understanding for the subject. He accomplishes this by including a variety of C program puzzles, challenging you to follow the puzzle through to determine the outcome. In many cases the programs are print statements, so the puzzle solution is the resulting printout. Once you have determined the puzzle solution, you may compare it with a detailed, step-by-step derivation offered in the book.
 The C Puzzle Book
 The C Puzzle Book teaches intermediate C programming with an effective and unique method -- and it's fun! Working through formidable puzzles and checking your results fine tunes your skills for future programming challenges. This book is a great next step for any programmer who desires a deeper understanding of the C programming language.

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