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Download Computer Network- A Top Down Approach ebook written by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross for free. This completely describes the computer networking from application layer design to physical layer design with emphasis on internet.

Written by expert professor of MIT Jim Kurose and Keith Ross of Polytechnic Institute of NYU, this book is a popular book on Computer networking and is used as undergraduate and graduate textbook is many US based universities.

The book is about computer network and networking technologies. It describes computer network using a top down approach meaning that it begins by explaining the application layer and down to the physical layer of OSI standard model. While describing it also focuses on the Internet technology. The essential constituents of computer network devices such as router, switches, the communication technology such as DSL, ATM, Optical fibers, wireless network, WLAN, bluetooth, multimedia, communication protocols such IP, UDP, TCP are described nicely.

The book is easy to understand the computer networking concept. Block diagram, illustration with picture makes it easy for student to understand the complex networking, data exchange process and the communication media.

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