Download Digital Circuit Design for Computer Science Students An Introductory Textbook pdf ebook for free.

Digital Circuit Design for Computer Science Students is primarily targeted to computer science students who usually does not study the computer hardware. In today's university curriculum, hardware and software are taught as different course. Hardware is learned by electronics engineering students or electrical, and software is taught in computer science. Computer engineering studies both. Computer science students usually don't know about hardware. This book is intended to close the gap between what computer science students study and the computing hardware.

The book starts with transistor and gates the basic hardware components. Then combinational, sequential circuits, registers, memories, system bus, design of elementary computer, multiplication and division, microprocessor based system and serial data transmission is taught.

This is one of the best rated and positively reviewed book in

"This textbook provides a thorough and systematic introduction to designing digital circuits. The author is the leading programming language designer of our time and in this book, based on a course for 2nd-year students at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, he aims to close the gap between hardware and software design. He encourages the student to put the theory to work in exercises that include lab work culminating in the design of a simple yet complete computer. The lab work is based on a workstation equipped with a single field programmable gate array chip and software tools for entering, editing, and analyzing designs. This text is a modern introduction to designing circuits using state-of-the-art technology and a concise, easy to master hardware description language (Lola)."

Digital Circuit Design for Computer Science Students pdf download free

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